We’re Open

Due to COVID-19 we are operating with certain guidelines & restrictions. Please contact us by email or phone for details and reservations.

Check out WKX on the MindBody to reserve your spot for classes.

Download the app here.



– All class bookings will be made through the MindBody App which can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store

– Classes will be non-contact, maintaining the 6 feet social distancing

– Class duration will be 45 minutes

– Only the booked participants will be given access to the building 5 minutes before class and will be asked to leave immediately after 

– People waiting outside for class do not congregate at doors. Stay in or around your cars until WKX staff calls to line up at the doors where lines will be marked to maintain 6 feet of distance 

– WKX staff will check you in as you enter and ask a few mandatory screening questions

– Minimize gym gear, there is no need for gear bags. Keys, towel, and water bottle are all that is necessary (bring items to your personal designated area) 

– Compulsory full size towel for everyone in class. NO TOWEL NO ADMISSION.

– If doing class, bring flip flops/slides to wear off of matted class area 

– Changing rooms will not be available; show up changed and ready to start class. Please try and limit bathroom use by using the bathrooms at home before leaving

– All weight training bookings will be made by phone and be limited to 1 hour blocks.

– WKX staff member will grant you access at  our booked time

– Upon entry (weight training members) you will be assigned a disinfectant spray bottle which you will use before and after touching any equipment. Paper towels will be provided around the gym 

– Cardio equipment will be limited to using every other machine

– Everyone will enter through the front reception door and exit through the rear gym door. 

– If you have any symptoms of sickness, PLEASE STAY HOME!

We must stick to these rules for the time being in order to stay safe, stay fit, and stay open.