Upcoming WKX Fights – February 28th

february fury

On February 28th 2014, four of our own will be fighting at the February Fury event held at the Fraserview Hall. Click here to buy tickets.


  • Carlo Chua
  • Chad Gerow
  • Reece Woods
  • Sasha Tadayoni




Ronnie Green and his wicked left hook

People don’t realize how good Ronnie was, he fought the best, and beat them all.


Ramon Dekkers doing what he does best!

Listen to those body punches… Ouch


Hiroya is back and he looks HUGE!!


Also here is the link for all the other MAX muay thai fights from Dec 10, 2013

Buakaw Banchamek VS Enriko Kehl MAX World Champion 2013

Ernesto Hoost 1st fight Dec 11th 1983

There’s hope for us all 🙂

Glory TV – New York SuperFight Series – Full video

Classic fight: Rob Kaman Vs Ernesto Hoost

Last man Standing HL in Victoria Dec 2011

Great Fight with Josh and Hakeem on here.

Tom Mattu Vs Alex Tribe